About Me

Hey everybody, I’m Andy and I really enjoy doing insanity workouts. I started them several years ago when a friend had me do the original insanity with her. I was impressed by how¬†quickly I was getting tired and how much sweat I was producing. I then decided to do the workouts consistently and began seeing much¬†quicker results than I would at the gym. With how much success I had with the original insanity I decided to try Insanity Asylum Volume 1. This made me like these workouts even more. I thoroughly enjoyed the workouts but more importantly it was giving me the body that I wanted. The asylum workouts were giving me an overall body with both lean mass and muscles. After this I was sold and went on to try both the Asylum Volume 2 and Insanity Max 30. Both of these were amazing as well. Insanity has been my preferred workout for the past 6 years and I plan to keep it my preferred workout.About Me